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Welcome to Positronikal on GitHub!

Positronikal is the moniker I've used for several years for my digital projects. The majority of projects I intend to park here pertain to digital forensics and cyber investigation. That said, there will likely also be projects that don't directly pertain to these subject matter areas. I'll eventually move these back to my personal account at https://github.com/hoyt-harness. The main projects I'm waiting on here pertain to the Carnivore Digital Forensic System, but there may be others. Other projects I follow, contribute to, and/or make use of some way appear as forks in my personal repositories linked above.



Part of the Carnivore Digital Forensic System, CarnivoreLE (Live Edition) captures live data, especially volatile data, from a running computer. This includes options to create a forensic logical image of the system RAM, home directory, and logs directory. Imaging is accomplished with Advanced Forensic Format 4 (AFF4). There are three different versions, one each for GNU/Linux, Macintosh, and Windows. See the section below titled Contributing.


This is just as the name implies - a simple backup utility for GNU/Linux. It's written in bash and makes use of rsync and dialog. rsync is a fast, versatile, remote (and local) file copying tool. dialog displays dialog boxes from shell scripts. There is plenty of room to expand this project, add new dialog boxes, and make much more of rsync's capabilities. I've taken it as far as I care to, but I welcome other interested contributors. See the section below titled Contributing.


BugZapper is a bash debugger utility written in bash and inspired by Learning the bash shell by Cameron Newham and Bill Rosenblatt (O'Reilly, 2005). I highly suggest obtaining a copy of the reference book and getting comfortable with the material it contains before attempting to contribute to this project. The book's authors highlight other ways this utility can be extended. Those pull requests or any others seeking to improve it are welcome. See the section below titled Contributing.


If you're new and not sure where to begin, GitHub's Help pages are a good place to start. There are also quick start and setup information pages located in Bootcamp and Setup.

All commits in pull requests must be GPG signed. I know, I know... Positronikal is nobody. You're right, but better to start off the right way than to try and backtrack something months or years down the road. It's not as much of a pain as it sounds like and you know this if you're doing it already. If not, see the page on signing commits. Use of a keyserver is highly recommended, as is having your public key signed by others who can vouch for you. Instructions on this are here. My public key (Hoyt Harness) can be retrieved from MIT's keyserver here.

All contributors must have a signed Developer Certificate of Origin on file with Positronikal before any code is accepted or reviewed. This is related to the above paragraph and for the same reasons. If the code you submitted was written as a result of your job or you coded a significant portion during work hours or if any other circumstances exist that might give rise to your employer exercising a right to ownership at any time in the future, a DCO must be on file for them as well and signed by a competent authority within the organization (not yourself). Posi_DCO.md is available in this repository. Click the "View On GitHub" button at the top of the page to find it or click here.

Positronikal coding tends to follow GNU coding standards. Software development tends to follow the UNIX philosphy. Information contained at both of those links are invaluable to new coders and should still contain worthy nuggets of wisdom for even the most experienced. In any case, all disputes regarding form or function will ultimately be resolved based on one of those references.

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